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Everyone loves a good offer, discount or promo code. Free stuff is great too, right? Of course, often “free” isn’t really free when you read the small print, and sometimes offers aren’t all their cracked up to be.  We avoid these.

We don’t attempt to compete with the popular voucher code websites, but we will be sharing offers, discounts, promotions and free stuff when we find things that we think are worth sharing, with no strings attached.

We’ll only share things that we like, and that we are happy to recommend or have used ourselves. We’d love to hear about other offers and promotions that you think may be of interest to our audience, and also want to hear your experiences of offers and tips that we share.

We want to be honest and upfront about things though, and there are a few things we think you should know.  We’ll include important information about the terms of an offer in boxes like this, or add additional information in dropdown boxes like the ones below.

IT services from S6 Connect and our Partners

IT-related services promoted here are mostly provided directly by S6 Connect through one of our Partnership arrangements. Partners include Heart Internet, Livedrive Internet, AVG, Google, Foolish IT, VoIPTalk, net-Telco and Telecom Plus.

Commissions and affiliate links

S6 Connect is an Independent Distributor for Utility Warehouse Discount Club, but also a very satisfied customer. We receive a commission, but won’t recommend the services if we don’t believe they will be of benefit. Some of the offers and promotions include affiliate links, helping to cover the costs of running and maintaining the site. The availability of an affiliate programme does not influence the inclusion of an offer on our site.

Company status and charitable donations

S6 Connect is a non-profit Company, limited by guarantee, with no shareholders. Any income from affiliate links in excess of operating costs is given to our nominated charities.
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